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AVL-TRANS OY operates in accordance with the European quality system and offers a high service level, reliability and security of domestic and international transportations as well as a modern, reliable and insured means of transport.

Our qualified personnel will help you to select suitable vehicles, determine the route and will provide you with a high-quality service during the execution of applications.

We will offer you the optimal route taking into account the specificity of goods and the law currently in force in transit countries. We will also provide you with opportune deliveries under the price agreed.

Our company transports heavyweight, oversized, mixed loads on the special trailers and semi-trailers with all the necessary transport permissions. Our company experts are always ready to introduce the cost accounting and provide you with necessary concordance, special permissions as well as a convoy of trucks. At request, two armed guards will provide the goods safety. In the process of guarding, the guards act in accordance with The Law of Militia.

AVL-TRANS OY renders the following services:

  • Export-import goods deliveries in the direct and multimodal service;
  • Qualified consultations in the sphere of the organization of goods deliveries and the preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • Transportation of transit loads in the territories of Russia and Europe;
  • Hazardous goods, heavy and oversized loads deliveries;
  • Goods insurance;
  • Deliveries of loads of any volume;
  • Guarding of loads in the territory of Russia (Private Guard Service, MHA).

Our transport company AVL-TRANS OY is interested in the establishment of new partner relations and offers to its clients the most beneficial and flexible price policy.

We will be glad to see you and we are always ready to discuss your own proposals.


Sahaajankatu 7,
00880 HELSINKI Finland
tel.:+3 58505307555


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